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From Collaboration to Execution: Sherpa expands solution portfolio and enables platform integration services.

The first half of 2021 has been an active period for Sherpa Technologies. Our team worked diligently to expand our suite of digital solutions and enable access to a new real-time payments network. Both initiatives were driven by industry collaboration, stemming from our innovation council, fintech providers, and various industry partners. From a fintech-solution perspective, we have deployed pilot programs for an innovative digital onboarding and lending solution, created a new model for leveraging our ID and document verification solution, and moved to active market launches with early adopter credit unions using our digital payment platform. Specific examples of Sherpa’s activities are noted below.

During the first two quarters of 2021, Sherpa Technologies has:

  • Enabled a new web-app workflow for ID-Pal's ID and document verification experience, which is being integrated with our new digital onboarding partner.
  • Completed the required certifications for The Clearing House’s (TCH) RTP® Network and integration of Sherpa’s real-time payments service with the Juniper Payments platform.
  • Deployed early adopters using our digital payment solution, Payigy, which is a unique payment experience that supports loan-only members.

What’s on the horizon

Through the remainder of 2021, we will be introducing several enhancements to our Payigy solution that will expand the loan and product types available and introduce integrated, real-time messaging and payment functionality. Additionally, we will be launching a unified digital onboarding and lending platform that includes a configurable workflow, ID and document verification, account funding, and core or loan origination (LOS) platform integration. Finally, we will continue to expand the suite of integration services available within the Mosaic platform, creating operational efficiencies and accelerated availability of fintech offerings.    

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