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As I reflect on the daunting challenges and significant success our industry has encountered during 2020, I am reminded of a never-ending stream of incredible examples from credit unions persevering through the uncertainties of a global pandemic with the precise mission of unwavering commitment and service to their members. The team at Sherpa Technologies has been inspired by the level of commitment and execution displayed by the credit union industry, and we embarked upon an aggressive effort to enable a comprehensive suite of digital transformation solutions. Our 2020 initiatives were quite ambitious, and I’m pleased to highlight a few examples of our commitment to execution and helping credit unions like yours on their journey of digital transformation.

During 2020, Sherpa Technologies: 

New digital transformation solutions on the horizon

Overall, 2020 was marked by many successful achievements, and I’m looking forward to the many exciting opportunities 2021 presents. We know digital transformation isn’t easy, but it’s critical if credit unions want to remain competitive in today’s dynamic financial marketplace. We continue to have several exciting partnership projects in the works, and our goal is to help you continue growing as an organization, providing you with tools and resources to create premier experiences for your members and remain central in their financial lives.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

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