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Payigy: Providing your Members a Direct-Biller Payment Solution

Join us for this demo that explores the features and benefits of Payigy, Sherpa Technologies’ digital payments solution. Payigy is designed to enable greater payment flexibility and deepen relationships with loan members via a simplified digital user experience, which was modeled to emulate biller-direct payment offerings. With biller-direct payment experiences currently accounting for more than 70% of bill payment activity, the creation of Payigy is more than timely, and Payigy’s biller-direct user experience, with the credit union as the biller, will help keep your credit union at the center of the member engagement process.

Payigy On Demand Demo

Jul 28-Dec 31

On-demand Webinar

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Payigy Demo 8/26

Aug 26

Live Webinar

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