Identity Verification

Identity verification that takes advantage of the digital age

Identity verification needs to be simple, fast, and accurate. It’s time to move to the new frontier of identity verification in the digital age, which uses advanced technology to strengthen and protect your members’ identities and your institution.

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4 benefits of digital ID verification platform solutions

61% of fraud at financial institutions with $50 million or more in assets can be attributed to identity fraud.
(2018 True Cost of Fraud study for the Financial Services sector, LexisNexis® Risk Solutions)

Making Identity Verification Simple and Secure

ID-Pal is a simple, secure and user-friendly KYC (know your customer) solution that captures, verifies and stores member identity information for quicker and more effective member validation.

Seamless member experience

A simple and intuitive interface allows your members to capture, submit and verify their ID documentation in less than three minutes, enabling your credit union to onboard more members quicker (and in a variety of circumstances such as for car loans, in your call center and when acquiring new members).

Efficient business processing

ID-Pal is a complete and affordable end-to-end solution for KYC compliance that enables credit unions to easily brand, configure and integrate with digital experiences and back-end platforms.

Robust compliance

Liveness checks, facial comparison, document verification and video analysis are among the layers ID-Pal uses to evaluate and confirm there is no evidence of identity theft, forgery or tampering.
Member Identity Verification Made Easy.

ID-Pal’s business portal and app create a simple and effective system for capturing, verifying and storing member identity documents and information.

Step 1

Credit union sends member a link to the ID-Pal app.

Step 2

Member uses the app to capture ID information in seconds.

Step 3

Member securely submits their ID documents to the ID-Pal web portal.

Step 4

Credit union uses the portal to verify the member’s submission.

Step 5

A Client Due Diligence (CDD) report is stored securely on the cloud.

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