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It’s my pleasure to share with you the latest news about what Sherpa’s been up to. We’ve had big things going on in the second half of this year, and I’d like to highlight just a few examples for you.  

Platforms and partnerships

We completed the pilot period for a new digital onboarding and lending platform, which includes integrated offers and cross-selling, embedding of ID-Pal (our ID and document verification partner), account funding options for ACH, debit and credit card, and, in the future, a new fintech offering for managing the top-of-wallet position with members who secure a new debit or credit card. We expect to announce the new partnership this fall, so be on the lookout for additional details soon.

New from ID-Pal

Sherpa completed the testing of the new ID-Pal web application and integration service through Mosaic, which can be integrated within any digital experience or onboarding platform. As mentioned above, our new fintech partner for digital onboarding and lending has been the initial focus of embedding of the new ID-Pal user experience. ID-Pal has also introduced an enhanced native application and streamlined workflow, allowing Sherpa to provide an enterprise ID and document verification suite to credit unions for a variety of use cases.

Real-time payments education and projects

Sherpa completed the integration of the real-time payment messages with the Juniper Payments platform, which enhances the suite of payment solutions for financial institutions using their platform. Corporate One will begin to offer the enhanced digital experience, including embedded real-time payment functionality, in the future. We’ve also been busy attending various conferences to provide education on the benefits and use cases of real-time payments and fintech solutions. In August, we spoke at the Louisiana Credit Union League Convention and the annual Defense Credit Union Council Conference. We also attended the Corelation Hybrid Client Conference in San Diego.

And an award!

And last but certainly not least, ACI Worldwide awarded Sherpa with an Impact Award for innovation related to our real-time payments initiative. Sherpa was also a finalist for the Innovation Award and was included in a list of prestigious companies enabling payments modernization around the globe.

I hope you’ll reach out to me should you have any questions about our current projects and partnerships and how we can help lead credit unions like yours on a journey of digital and payments transformation. Our goal is to help you continue growing as an organization, providing you with the tools and resources to create a premier experience for your members and remain central to their financial lives.

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