Sherpa Technologies

Sherpa and Corporate One Federal Credit Union are proud recipients of this year’s ePayResources Innovation in Payments Award. The award honors exemplary leadership in the advancement, implementation, or promotion of electronic payments, and it acknowledges the ways we are advancing real-time payments opportunities for credit unions. 

As the first core-independent, credit-union-specific TPSP to certify with the RTP Network, Sherpa’s Real-Time Payment Services feature an open-payments messaging and integration services platform that allows credit unions, fintechs, and digital experience providers to connect to the RTP® network and integrate their desired real-time payments solutions through a single platform. Sherpa created the first RTP-as-a-service platform offering to empower credit unions to advance their payment modernization efforts. Sherpa can support credit unions of all sizes who want to offer advanced, new capabilities to their members and configure a suite of solutions to allow the credit union industry to compete with larger financial institutions and fintechs.

More specifically, Sherpa’s real-time payment solution benefits credit unions and, by extension, their members, in numerous ways. 

  • The integration platform facilitates integration services and enablement of digital experiences for credit unions. It allows credit unions to connect all of their fintech solutions, synchronize and optimize the data for greater visibility with the member, so they can deliver more seamless and personalized experiences that grow membership and deepen relationships. Sherpa markets the platform as iPaaS (integration platform as a service). 
  • Through this, alongside the direct benefits of real-time payments, Sherpa also supports improved quality of data integration for credit unions, so they can better serve members across the entire customer relationship. 
  • In addition, as a TPSP, Sherpa allows companies to outsource the support of stringent connectivity requirements and integrate RTP network functionality into various products and/or services that accelerate the delivery of consumer and business use cases. As the credit union’s TPSP, Sherpa acts on the credit union’s behalf to send/receive its RTP messages.

Along with this award from ePay, the Credit Union Times recently called Sherpa and Corporate One “one of the industry’s real-time payments strategy leaders,” and, last October, Corporate One and Sherpa received EPCOR’s Innovation in Payments Award. These honors highlight the work we are doing to support the industry with leading-edge solutions, insights, and resources to help credit unions maximize their digital transformation, exceed member expectations, and remain market competitive.