We’re Bringing Digital Lending Home

If you’ve ever bought a home, you know how complicated, frustrating, and intrusive the mortgage loan process can be. All that paperwork. All that back and forth. All that time you could have been doing other things, like spending time with your family. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Sherpa can help your credit union efficiently transition to an online mortgage experience, making the entire lending process quicker, easier and more transparent for both you and your members.

Close mortgages faster with Roostify – our all-digital home loan experience.

Designed with consumers in mind, Roostify is an all-in-one digital lending platform that makes the mortgage loan process faster, easier, and much less painful. From application to documentation, Roostify’s mortgage software systems make it simple to get what you need to move loan applications forward.

Dynamic Digital Platform

Roostify is a fully automated digital lending platform that will work anywhere there’s an Internet connection, including mobile devices.

Simple and Easy To Use

Roostify’s member-friendly application guides borrowers through the process and allows them to import data directly.

Built for Collaboration

With Roostify, everyone involved in the process, including the loan officer, borrower, and others, can communicate and get updates in real time.

Why Digital Lending? Our infographic helps explain how leveraging technology drives a better user experience for members. View Our Infographic

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