Member Acquisition

We’ve Streamlined Member Acquisition

Growing membership is expensive. According to research, financial institutions spend an average of $300-$400 on each new customer. What that tells us is that too much time, money, and organizational resources are being spent on acquisition processes that aren’t as effective as they should be.

We transform your member acquisition experience through state-of-the art digital solutions that simplify and expedite the onboarding process. All of our member acquisition experience solutions are backed by Mosaic, which offers full integration of your credit union’s systems and data.

Open New Accounts In As Little As Four Minutes With Gro.

The average amount of time it takes to open a new account in person is about 30 minutes. And abandonment rates for typical mobile acquisition solutions is around 80%. Fortunately, Gro is anything but typical. This digital acquisition solution is a game-changer.

Four-Minute Onboarding

With Gro, it takes about four minutes to open an account. That’s seven and a half times faster than the in-person process.

Easy Access 24/7/365

With Gro, prospective members can open new accounts from their smartphones, tablets, and computers anytime, anywhere

One Platform Does It All

Gro simplifies the onboarding process by allowing members to use the same platform whether they’re opening an account in person or on their phone.

With Gro, Achieva Credit Union saw a 30% increase in applications submitted compared to their former account-opening product. Download the case study

Learn how Gro Account Opening drives growth and revenue through digital member acquisition.
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Automate Your Switch Kit.

The name says it all. ClickSWITCH makes switching accounts as easy as clicking and switching. By automating your switch kit, you remove one of the biggest obstacles to opening a new account. And with ClickSWITCH, your members can not only open accounts more easily, they can start doing business right away.

Ten-Minute Account Switching

ClickSWITCH conveniently and securely switches automated debits and credits, including direct deposits and government payments in just 10 minutes.

Increased Profitability

Boost the profitability of each of your new checking account customers by hundreds of dollars per year with ClickSWITCH.

Full Engagement

ClickSWITCH helps keep your new members completely and actively engaged throughout the account opening process.

Consumers Credit Union estimated that it saved members more than 500 hours in six months by automating the switch process. Read the case study

Learn how ClickSWITCH streamlines the account switching process.

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