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Sherpa launches real-time payment platform

Sherpa Technologies today announced it has partnered with The Clearing House and ACI Worldwide to create a real-time payments platform for credit unions.

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3 Considerations For Implementing Digital Lending Solutions

The explosive growth in digital engagement is contributing to the rise of another critical financial service: mobile/digital lending. And it makes sense, considering all of the paper that is involved with a loan application. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to complete it digitally?

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Changing At Lightning Speed

As new tech and expectations emerge, use these three steps to maximize member engagement and boost growth. Credit unions and outstanding member service go together like Mom and apple pie. Sure, credit unions have great rates, low fees, and a cooperative business structure. However, it’s always been the service that has set them apart.

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Five Fundamentals To Building A Digital Strategy

The current on-demand economy, which is driven by the wants and expectations of consumers, has completely disrupted the financial services industry. With a plethora of financial technology (fintech) options to choose from, consumers no longer need to rely on their bank or credit union to meet all of their financial needs.

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The Need For Speed

Financial institutions are “feeling the need, the need for speed.” With the 30th anniversary of the movie “Top Gun” in 2016, this well-known quote also applies to the current global race for constant availability of real-time payments..

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